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Hello and Welcome to tlokconfessions blog! This is a 'co-runned' blog, ran by two Korra fans that have free time. So send in your confessions!
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Opened as of April 23, 2012.
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Confessed by anon 

I dont like makorra one reason being because its a generic thing its the 2 main characters that fall in love you always see it coming and you just always see it.
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Confessed by anon

I understand people getting angry at the “white washing”, but… If I’m not wrong, people get lighter skin with age. Tenzin is 50+, meaning that Kya and Bumi are 50+ too. I don’t find strange that both have lighter skin, since they are already old people. Even Katara got her skin lighter, and she is 85.
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Confessed by burnthecliches 

Anyone who hates Asami has obviously never seen someone they love fall in love with another girl. I say props to her for not killing Korra by now. 
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Confessed by anon 

 I don’t get why everyone thinks Korra didn’t master the Avatar State. She hit her lowest point, she didn’t achieve it just by crying—she cried earlier in the series and didn’t get the avatar state then. It was all explained by Aang before he gave her back her bending. Jeez guys, pay more attention to the dialogue
Confessed by anon 

I feel like I’m the only one that’s excited for more episodes *and* not annoyed by the lack of character development so far. In the original series, the character development took a lot longer than just the first season. That’s the POINT. Give it time, people.
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Confessed by anon 

Mako is the only character I’ve ever actually hated from a show. But I’m almost positive if there was more character development for EVERYONE so we were able to see everyone’s personalliy and understand how they were feeling at a deeper level I might actually like him more.
Confessed by anon 

People seriously need to stop complaining about character development and Korra entering or mastering the Avatar state. I mean come on. There were only 12 confirmed episodes. They had to squezee so much into a small timeframe. Now, with the 52 episode total, they can fix it. Calm yo tits, people.
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Confessed by anon 

I don’t like Korra’s hairstyle.